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We have the most qualified team of highly skilled, knowledgeable
and experienced IT consultants in Northland.

Why Switch MSP?

Because as managed service providers we are in the business of mitigating business risks for small to medium businesses. 

Although our clients’ businesses may be similarly sized, their IT requirements vary greatly. We mitigate business risks for them all because we do not believe in the “One Size Fits All” approach. Excellent Service, quality Staff and robust, flexible Systems (we call it the 3Ss of Service) are the key to our ongoing success.

Small and medium businesses are facing bigger and more complex technology challenges every day. As experienced IT managed service providers, we know how to implement and maintain your business systems with fit-for-purpose IT services so you can get on with running your business without those worries. 

When you speak to one of our IT consultants, you’re speaking to a team with loads of real-world experience in building, repairing and managing business IT systems and infrastructure. We know what we’re doing. Our advice is not just theoretical, our advice is based on what works for real businesses in the real world. And we’re genuinely interested in your business.

We design, build, support and manage IT systems that let you get on with business.

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How our systems work to keep your systems working

Delivering value has always been at the heart of our business ethos and we achieve this by:

  • identifying business risks
  • explaining those risks clearly and succinctly in language everybody can understand
  • implementing people friendly solutions 
  • supporting those solutions so they deliver, every time.

Transparency + People + Technology.
It’s quite simple, really.

our services

Get IT solutions that let you get on with business.

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What’s the impact of IT failure on your business?

What would be the worst effect of a cyberattack or network failure for your business do you think?

  • Lost revenue from your website being down and not being able to sell goods or conduct your business.
  • The cost of employees sitting around unable to access files and unable to work.
  • Damage to your reputation from of a breach of confidentiality.
  • The significant costs associated with cleaning the network and getting it back up and running.

When your IT systems stop working, so do your staff. A broken network means aggravation, headaches and money, so the best fix is to get problems sorted before they even occur.

Dealing with the aftermath of a cyber breach or data loss takes time and money: do you or your business have enough of either to rebuild customer confidence and IT security systems?

As your business has grown so have your IT requirements. We’re experienced, trusted managed service providers with the resources and skill sets to provide the service and IT support your business needs. To make sure you don’t have to suffer the expense and inconvenience of IT down time and issues that could have been prevented, we’re proactive, not reactive.

Talk to our team about creating a tailored, cost-effective package to safeguard your business. We have the infrastructure and the specialists to make it happen without you having the expense of building an in-house IT and services department.

Our History

Being the first IT Managed Service Providers (MSP) in Northland, we have been mitigating business risks and providing managed IT services to local small to medium businesses since 2002. We have developed systems and processes that deliver both results and value: we know what works and what doesn’t, and we keep moving with the times.

Just as technology has changed and advanced over the years, so has our business. We have evolved to keep up with business developments so we can be there to help you and your organisation embrace the latest technology and the benefits it offers. We’ve always taken pride in our proactivity and speedy responses to change.

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meet our team

A strong sense of family feeling is ingrained in our team culture, both among our colleagues and with our valued clients. We constantly look for ways to enhance our work environment, because we believe a happy team will transfer that positive energy and make happy clients.

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Tony Shi – Managing Director & Microsoft Certified Professional

a.k.a. Mitigator: Mitigates business risks for our partners

Tony has been in Whangarei since 2001 and founded his first business, Orbitcoms Ltd, a telecommunications solution provider, in 2002. Orbitcoms Ltd expanded into IT in 2006 and from there Tony co-founded and became the managing director of Northcom ICT, a successful Whangarei based managed service provider. Northcom ICT went on to win the 2014 Northland Westpac Business Excellence Awards Small Business Category. Switch MSP was launched in September 2016, following a restructuring, relocation and rebranding with the aim to be the best managed service provider in Northland. Switch MSP partnered with Solarix Networks to provide a gateway to the world for Northland businesses and help clients achieve their business goals.

Tony migrated to New Zealand in 1996 and has a very busy family life with two soccer-mad teenage boys and two young daughters. He tries, rather unsuccessfully, to play golf.

Robin Verryt

Robin Verryt – Alignment Engineer

a.k.a. Whisperer: Computers do exactly what he says

Robin is our technology alignment specialist and brings over 24 years of experience within technology to your business. He is your business’ personal resource for all things IT and can help with each and every IT concern you may have. The only way to safeguard your computing environment is to maintain a strict standard of documentation and best practices using our proven processes. Robin is how we uphold those standards. He carries out assessments, ensures your documentation is updated and implements, manages and maintains your technical best practices.

Robin has lived in Whangarei for over 20 years and loves to give back to the community. We can all thank Robin and the rest of the community team in FORCE and Love Whangarei who give much of their time to cleaning up the rubbish around Whangarei for us all.

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Violet Yin – Marketing Specialist

a.k.a. Trailblazer: Focuses on helping make more partners satisfied computer users

With a background in the hotel industry, Violet joins us from Queenstown. A marketing graduate from Auckland’s AUT, Violet is new to Whangarei and brings with her a load of energy and enthusiasm. When she’s not organising all our promotional materials and marketing schemes, Violet loves to cook.

Selena Codlin

Selena Codlin – Finance Manager

a.k.a. Cipherer: Crunches numbers beyond 0s and 1s

Due to the wonders of well-managed technology, Selena works remotely from her home in Warkworth where she has been keeping an eye on all things financial for us for the past 3 years, as well as a very agile 18-month-old toddler.

Chris Ace

Chris Ace – Project Engineer

a.k.a. Producer: Creates solutions that work the way they are designed to

Chris is a certified MedTech engineer and has been working in the technology industry for over 17 years. He has a background in databases and management software and has also worked as an adult educator in computing. Chris is in charge of implementing new services for local business and is also our firewall chief, ensuring nothing gets in that shouldn’t.

In his spare time Chris loves diving off our gorgeous northland coastline.

Syed Islam

Syed Islam – Support Engineer

a.k.a. Fixer: Whatever the issue, he stamps “fixed” once he has

Syed Islam is an IT graduate with a quiet, conscientious, professional manner. He is passionate about his IT support work on the service desk as helping people makes him happy. Being a patient kind of guy, he provides top-level customer service and always tries to make sure clients’ problem gets fixed completely. 

Syed loves playing sports like football, cricket, badminton. He also is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so he enjoys challenging himself and he loves to travel.

Call 0800-24-7-24-8 to find out more from the MSP team whose IT support is so good you’ll forget it’s even there.

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