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1574R-01136Orbit360™ delivers you your very own IT department. Say goodbye to your computer worries with our comprehensive IT support. Unleash the latest and the best productivity boosting technology and tools to improve your operation’s efficiency. Let us take care and the full responsibility for your IT – monitoring, managing, supporting, resolving, even liaising with third party suppliers, and keeping you informed every step of the way; while you concentrate on doing what you do best.

One fixed, all inclusive monthly fee. Unlimited support. It’s that simple! No hidden costs or nasty financial surprises. Guaranteed. Now you can plan ahead and ensure the maximum return on your IT investment.

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Support Elements

Strategic Business Consultant

Based on our own experience and feedback from our clients, we have created a Business Consultant role that may be commonly referred to as Account Manager. However we prefer the title Business Consultant because they are exactly that — they look after your IT investment and ensure that you get the best return and most benefits. They work for your best interests not simply managing your account.

Your dedicated Business Consultant is like your IT Manager, not someone that only tries to sell you stuff regardless of whether you need it or not. By meeting with you on regular basis, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, your Business Consultant understands your technical and business needs. They are responsible for planning your IT strategy and roadmap with you, as well as its implementation. On a day to day basis, your Business Consultant will monitor and review service levels and discuss with you any issues and opportunities that may arise.

Like the best IT Managers, even though they may not know the intimate working details of every piece of the technology puzzle, they do know the benefits of the technologies and specifically what and how they can help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

Fast & Responsive HelpdeskTechnology-Woman-with-headset-at-computer-small

You can contact your IT Helpdesk any way you prefer — email, telephone or web chat — for quick responses, day and night, 365 days a year. During business hours, our support engineers are readily available to quickly assess and resolve support issues and your requests. After hours, our on-call engineers are on hand to address any urgent requests as they come through.

Service Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

As Orbit360™ proactive approach takes effect over time, many clients have found that they hardly contact the IT support any more — everything just works. However, when they do have the need for a helping hand, our comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement) stipulates all aspects of services provided and ensure helpdesk tickets are prioritized for appropriate support level within a guaranteed timeframe.

The approach to IT may have changed. The promise hasn’t!

Best Practice for Consistent Outcomes

We are proud to say that every member of our support engineer team is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), an accolade highly regarded in the industry which are earned by completing IT tasks using the correct methodology. The combination of this approach and the effective world-class service framework we have developed following the industry best practice enables us to deliver consistent and predictable results and customer experience every time.

Always In The Loop

Not only will you get a notification when you log a ticket (a support request or case), you will also be notified via emails throughout its life cycle to its resolution, such as when the assigned engineer starts working on the ticket and every time when new notes are recorded in the system.

Through our customer portal, you can create new tickets, check the status and add notes to open tickets, or simply search information on historical tickets, from anywhere and at any time that suits you.

Always On Remote Support

We have a range of remote support options available from client initiated ad-hoc sessions to direct and secure access using tools provided as part of our managed services anytime when you require IT support, regardless of whether you are in the office, at home, or half a world away.

As Needed Onsite Support

While remote support is quick and efficient and therefore the preferred support method, sometimes an old fashioned onsite visit is the order of the day to fix the issue. When such occasions arise, we will arrange an engineer to visit your site and get the jobs done. The best part? These onsite visits are absolutely free of charge if you are covered by our Professional Plans because one of the benefits is “unlimited onsite support”!

Scheduled Onsite Support

We will assign a dedicated Lead Engineer for customers with 25 or more users and recommend regular scheduled onsite visits. From our clients’ experience, these visits, at a frequency that suits your needs, deliver great benefits and value. They can be used to discuss tricky technical issues arisen on occasion, or to provide consultation and guidance for key software and processes. Another added benefit is that they put a human face to our Helpdesk, and often result in higher productivity and closer relationship between your team and the IT support function.

Sophisticated Support Platform

LabTech, a leading and our choice of RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tool, is at the heart of Orbit360™ managed services. Its advanced capability enables us to deliver services such as monitoring, management, diagnosis and support of your IT infrastructure seamlessly. We are able to resolve issues remotely without ever interrupting your team’s ability to work and most importantly we can detect and resolve problems before they cause downtime.

With its proactive and automated approach, many of the mundane tasks and simple fault fixing are taken care of by LabTech. This is like having world-class engineers looking after your computer network 24/7 and rectify the issues as they occur. If it can’t be rectified, support tickets will be raised automatically and escalated to our team of in-house engineers.

Refined Service Management Framework

We have accumulated rich knowledge and experience from providing our clients managed IT services over the past 7 years. The powerful service desk automation solution ConnectWise enables us to implement proven IT support helpdesk processes and automated workflows and to deliver exceptional value and efficiencies to our clients, presenting unparalleled flexibility and outstanding functionality in line with our service excellence commitment.

Our customer portal is part of the ConnectWise framework, which not only provides information relating to tickets and support cases, but also covers other aspects of your IT operations and account management.

Onboarding And More

Our onboarding process consists of a comprehensive audit of your IT infrastructure, hardware components, software licensing assets and any third party partners you would like us to liaise with. We will develop a comprehensive plan with defined milestones and deliverables.

During this process, your Account Manager and Lead Engineer (where applicable) may conduct interviews with key stakeholders and users in your organisation to assess and fully understand your existing IT system setup along with your business goals and needs. We believe that getting it right from the start by taking the time, thorough and diligent planning, and methodical information gathering are the keys to a successful and pleasant onboarding experience.

It is important because after all, this is the beginning of the partnership with our clients.

Strategic Planning And IT Roadmap

Your IT roadmap is a strategic document that illustrates where you are with your IT infrastructure, identifying business goals, recognising business drivers and essentially where you need to be with your IT as the enablement tool to achieve all your objectives. It should get updated annually or more frequently as required because not only does your business grow and its needs to evolve continuously, the technology also constantly advances and offers new capabilities and benefits.

Value Added Consulting and Project Services

In addition to day to day support and management, consulting and project services are another two important key functionalities of your IT services. Before there is something to support and manage, it has to be selected and implemented first. As part of your Orbit360™ managed services, you gain access to our expertise across an array of project services, such as Windows server migration, backup and disaster recovery, networking and security, Cloud and hosting, mobile device management… The list goes on.

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