Every business needs a range of software for process management, customer relationship management, and administrative tasks to name a few. With SaaS (Software as a Service), you can break the shackles of traditional software with our suite of productivity increasing, functionality improving, and cost reducing cloud applications. Access to the latest enterprise grade software solutions for a fixed monthly or annual subscription, and no additional costs on associated hardware or maintenance.

We partner with the world’s leading cloud application providers such as Microsoft and Amazon to deliver customised solutions for our clients. We can tailor solutions based on your individual requirements, provide consulting and deployment services , and back them up with comprehensive training and 24/7 technical support.

As technology advances at the speed of light, you cannot “own” software like you did a decade ago. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Contact us and tell us what your objectives are and we will help you define and deploy the  software solutions to achieve your goals.

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Office 365

Office 365 offers the same Office suite of applications that you already know and use every day, plus much more. Because Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can access your applications and files from virtually anywhere. And the new revolutionary licensing model means that one low cost subscription entitles the named user to have Office installed on up to 5 computers (PC or Mac) and 5 mobile devices (tablets or Smartphones).



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Exchange Online

Exchange Online provides advanced security and reliability to help protect your information, and enable you to work smarter, anywhere, with hosted email for business.

Maintain the latest defences against malware and spam with a service that handles hundreds of millions of messages around the world every day and is updated to address new malware and spam threats quickly.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people, while informing them of internal compliance policies.

Safeguard your data by hosting it in geographically distributed data centres, with continuous data backup, premier disaster recovery capabilities, and a team of security experts monitoring Exchange Online around the clock.

Deliver reliability, availability, and performance with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially-backed service level agreement.


Cloud Backup

Nowadays businesses need access to their computers and data at all times. That is why it is vital to implement a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery process. With a best practice, two-tier backup system, you have both local (for immediate restore and sharing) and a secondary backup in an offsite location, for which the cloud backup is the perfect solution.

Our Cloud Backup solutions offer the following key benefits:

  • Improved data protection. With industry-leading encryption and security practices, your data is highly secure.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Zero capital expense and predictable monthly fee mean it’s easy to budget and help minimize the TCO.
  • User friendly. We will take care of the implementation and monitoring of your backup process and check to ensure it’s working properly.
  • Rapid deployment. Your backup can be set up in a matter of minutes so that you can get the best protection for your data straightaway.
  • Agility and scalability. The data storage capacity allocated to you will increase and decrease simultaneously  as your requirements fluctuates over time. You only pay for what you use, not a quota you may never reach or exceed.

Discuss your requirements and objectives with us, and we will tailor an enterprise grade cloud backup solution that automatically backs up  and stores your vital business data either on our private cloud or Microsoft’s Azure online services.