In a Nutshell

Our OrbitCloud™ hosting service has been in operation since August 2011, and is now operating from two locations. The production data centre is backed up to the secondary location, where another offsite backup is being backed up to tape. The main location is designed with high availability in place to provide the maximum uptime possible. To our knowledge, Switch MSP is the only hosting service provider that has this highly redundant dual location setup.

We are so confident with our services, OrbitCloud™ offers a financially backed uptime SLA of 99.9%.

Revel in the experience when you take the step to transform your infrastructure with us as OrbitCloud™ hosting solutions offer robust, secure, scalable and cost effective cloud computing for your business.

Taking advantage of the latest Enterprise grade technology and functionality, reserving capital for more profitable tasks such as growing your business, saving money by reducing administrative and running costs, and improving business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities are just some of the key benefits of OrbitCloud™. You can be assured of peace of mind knowing that our team of expert engineers work diligently to keep your infrastructure at peak performance so that you can materialise these cloud benefits.

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Virtual Server Hosting and Hyper-V windows-hyper-v

Although we have expertise in both leading virtualisation platform, Hyper-V and VMware, Hyper-V from Microsoft is our preferred partner of choice. As a Microsoft Certified Partner with Silver Hosting Competency, Switch MSP has the knowledge, expertise, and qualifications to provide the cloud hosting solution your business will benefit from.

Virtual Server Hosting (VSH) option from OrbitCloud™ provides you with high performance, scalability, and security you would expect from a hosting partner, tailored to your exact requirements. They can be used for domain controller, high demand database server, and Line of Business (LOB) applications and offer all the power of a dedicated server or your own on-premise server.

Tailored design to meet the requirements of small and medium clients, OrbitCloud™ Hyper-V environment is perfect for hosting Windows servers. OrbitCloud™ VHS are built on Microsoft’s latest server platform – Windows Server 2012 R2 to provide unparalleled functionality and resilience at a reduce cost. We can build to order and configure your servers just the way you need them with sufficient resources, i.e. CPU cores, hard disk storage and memory. You can also enjoy the benefit of flexibility and increase or decrease the amount of resources you use (and pay for) on demand in an instant.

This fully customisable approach enables you to start from any configuration and adjust as you grow and your situation and requirements change. You have complete control over how your infrastructure is set up and run.


Dedicated Server Hosting

Although this is not a common requirement for small to medium organisations, Switch MSP does offer Dedicated Server Hosting service (DSH). The server hardware we use for DSH range from excellent value entry level servers to high capacity and high performance models. We will consult with you, design the configuration and implement the best solution for your unique requirements.

You can access your DSH server at speeds from 100mbps to 1gbps (subject to fibre optic availability) to ensure the infrastructure can accommodate your demands. You can choose the Operating System of the DSH servers from Windows 2008 to the latest Windows 2012 R2, or various Linux OS as you prefer. Microsoft SQL Server can be pre-installed as per your specification and you can have full admin access and control as required.

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