At Switch MSP, “solution” is a verb, not a noun!microsoft-small-business-specialist_218

In a Nutshell

We have dedicated our resources to support the small and medium businesses (SMB), which have less than 50 IT users. Being Microsoft Small Business Specialists, we are confident that we offer the best value for our clients IT investment. With experience accumulated by providing services to SMB across Northland, we understand what’s important and what challenges you face in running your business.

The solutions we provide are not static or one off events, but they are continuously ongoing as part of your daily operation and deliver what you expect from your IT infrastructure. Whatever challenges you are facing, Switch MSP has the staff, skills and systems to help you overcome them.

Here are some typical scenarios our clients face when we are engaged.

Cloud or Not Cloud

Like it or not, understand it or not, cloud computing is the trend and the future. Whether or not you are considering moving infrastructures or platforms to the cloud right now, you probably will be planning a strategy and evaluate options so that you can understand more about the cloud and how it would impact on your business moving forward.

Switch MSP offers solutions to help you during the research and evaluation stage, as well as assist you every step of the way throughout the implementation process once you decide to migrate to cloud.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Migration

I need to switch IT provider, but…

This is quite a common scenario, and a tough one! For whatever reason, your current IT provider is no longer suitable for the task and you need to change, but because of the perceived pain of change you have just stuck with it. Now the pain of not changing has become too great and you are trying to find the right partner and the most seamless transition experience. But the question remains: how do you know it’ll be right this time?

We absolutely appreciate your situation and how you feel as many of our clients have been there before. Many clients look to Switch MSP as a result of:

Growth — Your current IT provider may have been suitable when you were much smaller or your requirements were more simpler but doesn’t have the resources or skill sets to provide adequate service level now that you have grown or have more sophisticated requirements on your IT support.

  • Broken promises — Either there was no Service Level Agreement or it simply was ignored or it was so confusing so that it was more in the interest of the provider than you, the customer!
  • Outdated capability — The current provider hasn’t been keeping up with the advancement of technology and cannot help you embrace the latest technology and the benefits it offers, therefore can no longer meet the IT support requirements of your organization.
  • Slow response and reactive not proactive — You are experiencing issues that could have been prevented, and the current provider is slow in responding to and resolving them. You might wonder if there’s a better way and less time consuming option available.
  • Did I have to buy that switch? — We come across quite a few situations where the clients complaint that their current provider solves just about every issue arisen by selling them a new piece of equipment! You have to wonder sometimes whether the latest suggestion from your current provider does much more for their revenue target than it does for your pocket and benefits.
  • Feeling unimportant or ignored — Sometimes you feel unimportant and your current provider has bigger fish to chase. Although they may deny it, you know you are just a number to them.

At Switch MSP, we have invested a lot of time and financial resources to encapsulate the essence elements of what makes the best IT service provider. We recognize that service, or excellent service, is at the heart of every successful and mutually beneficial technology partnership. To provide excellent service, quality Staff, competent Skills, and robust Systems (we call it the 3S of Service) are the key. We practice the 3S of Service in our dealing with clients each and every day. In the meantime, we also practice the philosophy of “Kaizen” and strive for continuous improvement to the services we offer our clients.

Service Offerings: We do not believe the “One size fits all” approach. Although our clients are similarly sized, their requirements vary. Therefore the services they require also vary. We have just over 200 clients and we have tailor made service offerings for all of them. We treat each and every client of ours with care and ensure the service we provide them is the best and most suitable for their needs. Read more

Broad and up to date Skills: Our team of IT experts possess a broad range of skills in one area or another, and we have tailored training schedules for each member of our team so that they are always up to date with the latest technology. We believe this is the most valuable investment we could make in providing our clients with the best service and solutions. Although we tend to focus on relationships with one primary partner in each category, we do have the capability and resources to support just about anything you can think of in IT. Working with Switch MSP you will have access to the most talented and skilled IT support team in Northland. Read more

Business Consultants: We refer to our sales professionals as Business Consultants because that’s what they are. Their job is to find a solution, from both a technical perspective and business perspective, to specific requirements our clients have. The Business Consultants have sound IT knowledge and business acumen so that they can offer strategic advice and guidance that make sense. And you can be certain the advice and recommendations you receive have only your best interests at heart.

Proactive and preventative approach: We have learnt from experience that the recipe for delivering service excellence is the fusion of exemplary Staff, Skills and Systems. Switch MSP recruits the most talented staff, schedules training for them on specific skills, and is continuously refining systems for customer service excellence and efficiency. In the meantime, we partner with the world leaders in various technology deployed in our operation so that we can offer you, our clients, proactive managed services support that prevent system downtime and productivity losses. Read More

Starting a new venture or outsourcing support for the first time:

If you are starting a new business or after having someone internally looking after your IT support decide that outsourcing is for you, then Switch MSP offers the following solutions that will help:




This is our most comprehensive IT support solution, just like having your own IT department. You can enjoy the benefits of enterprise level support for a fixed and cost effective all-inclusive monthly investment.




We offer on demand and fixed fee IT support options for small to medium businesses, especially the start-ups. This helps minimise monthly IT commitment and enable you to take advantage of our expert support team the way that suits your business.