To most businesses, cloud computing is a bit like the cloud in the sky, all seem to be vague and mysterious. Will it be reliable? Will it be cost effective? Will your data be safe and compliant with privacy and other regulations?  You may feel there seems to be so many questions and not enough answers. Fear not! This is where we can help with Switch MSP Cloud Consulting service.

One of the key opportunities of cloud computing is the ability to work with a number of sophisticated vendors who offer highly specialised solutions. We would go through a thorough and systematic audit process to understand your requirements and identify your business objectives. Then based on the findings, we would recommend one of the two strategies: evolutionary or revolutionary.

To most small and medium businesses, the evolutionary strategy is the best approach. It enables you to deploy the elements in your infrastructure and the Line of Business (LoB) applications that are ready to be transferred to the cloud, and still retain the rest on premise. In other words, when you need to refresh the hardware or upgrade to a new LoB application, look to the cloud for a solution. This granular approach means that you are able to carry out a measured and modular migration with minimal risks. You are also able to maximize your current IT investment.

However, if a major upgrade of your infrastructure is due and cloud is identified to provide better performance and outcome for your investment,  then a revolution may be the way to go. Same as the evolutionary strategy, planning is crucial. The projected growth, the operational requirements, the existing and new business challenges, and your overall IT landscape and culture all need to be taken into consideration when forming such a strategy. They will not only impact on the technology selection, but also the vendors that best serves your needs and offer the most value for your investment.

So whether you are planning a gradual evolution or a big-bang revolution, Switch MSP’s Cloud Audit and Strategy service will provide you with the vision and confidence to embrace the cloud and reap its benefits.